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You Can't Be Successful If Your Systems Are Out Of Wack...

Logistically you need to do much more to protect yourself than:

  • Not opening email messages from unfamiliar senders
  • Updating your Virus Program
  • Clearing your Internet cache and browser history.

Additionally you need to be aware of where the rest of your failure points are or where your vulnerabilities are especially when it comes to the use of technology. 

PCS World Network has been helping residents and businesses alike for over 15 years. We can remove those unwanted issues that are causing your computer system to slow down and frustrate you to know end...    

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Tune Up Your Computer


We Have The Most Comprehensive Solution In The Business,
To Help Protect Your Computer Systems And Grow Your Market With...

Efficient Intelligence!
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  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Review of your hardware currently installed and recommendations to make your system run faster and more reliably
  • Remove hijacked registry settings
  • Eliminate all unnecessary background programs
  • Uninstall malicious programs
  • Check fans
  • Remove temporary Internet files
  • Remove cookies
  • Update Windows
  • Check hard drive for bad sectors
  • Install and or Update QuickTime, Flash, Shockwave, and Adobe Reader
  • Defragment the boot drive
  • Install newly purchased or Update your anti-virus software (we recommend Eset)
  • Advise of any necessary hardware upgrades
  • Advise of any software upgrades
  • Create a fresh Windows restore point (Windows only)

*** BONUS OFFER - Data backup (Ask about additional savings)

The best part of this is that we will assess your total IT environment - No additional costs!!!

THIS OFFER INCLUDES a total business evaluation the absolute best way to grow your business.  Let PCS evaluate the current status of your computer, network, website, email system, data backup and customer data retention, then we will design a campaign to improve your efficiency.


PCS also offers website design and Internet marketing. We have additional custom Marketing or SEO packaged solutions starting at just only $69.99 per month. Our professional team of designers are available to create your marketing solution for a limited time only.

We Get Our Customers More Customers™
By ensuring that your internal systems are working the way they should


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